Some Smart Ways on How to Embroider Jeans!

An embroidered jean is certainly carrying excessive style and the oomph factor that all of us crave. Be it machine embroidery or hand embroidery; every style gives its unique features for which all love it.

Although hand embroidery has its specialties, with machine embroidery you can be more experimental, and it gives you an opportunity to play with the designs while making your denim stand out with its inimitability.

Well, for this, we shall let you know about some of the most exciting ways about how to embroider jeans.

how to embroider jeans

Follow these steps for great results!

Step 1 To start with the process of embroidery, you initially need to decide the location; it needs to add the extra touch of embroidered glamour. When you have selected on the part of the jeans, you’ll have to unstitch the jean from the concerned place, so that the necessary preparations further can be done, to begin with, the embroidery process.

Step 2 The next step involves laying down the fabric on the table with its front side on the top. You’ll here need the template or the printout of the design to imprint it on the material and carry on the process further. Using the best embroidery software, you’ll have to also print the outline exactly at the location where you want it to be in your jeans.

Step 3 In the next step you’ll need a stabilizer; this will keep the embroidery intact, and will not allow the fabric to move causing disturbance to the process. The stabilizer should be a bit larger than the hoop so that it could be fastened together without any hassles. The stabilizer should put on the back side of the denim cloth, and then the embroidery will sew.

Step 4 Further you’ll have to hoop the stabilizer and the jeans together. Make sure to keep the center point precisely at the center of the hoop. You can draw a horizontal and a vertical line on the top of each other; this will lead you to the center point of the selected cloth area.

Step 5 The next step involves loading the design on the machine. After which, you’ll have to attach the hoop to the machine at an angle where the needle should come at the center point of the fabric. With this its all good to go, get the embroidery.

Step 6 Embroidering a jean requires a lot of patience and concentration. You’ll have to make sure the complete process did without any flaw. After finishing with embroidering the patch, remove the excess stabilizer from the back side. You can cut it off using a pair of scissors. While doing this make sure half an inch margin of the stabilizer leaves with the embroidery part.

The process of embroidering the pair of jeans is now complete; all that’s left is sewing the pant sides again and putting them together in a place. For this, you’ll have to flip the panel inside out, pin the seams in proper alignment and to use a good sewing machine to bring everything back to its original place. It exactly how to embroider jeans!

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